LEADERS WHO LISTEN. This is, in essence, our platform – our plan – and our promise to you, the members of the Democratic Party. We are committed to energizing, unifying, and earning your trust in the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County – from the ground up. The future of the Democratic Party starts here and now – with our commitment, and your support.

We strive to be the Party of the People – the party that addresses the issues that impact and are important to you. We welcome the energy of all Democrats, both new and veteran. We invite the input of all voices and views. We will listen. 

1. We will engage Democrats from the ground up:

We will encourage quarterly regional Ward Meetings, and we will hold regular County Party meetings.

We will diversify. We will defy voter apathy with innovative and creative communication and events. We will seek opportunities and venues throughout the County to reach out to younger voters and groups who may feel disenfranchised or under-represented. Our diverse voices are essential to the evolution of our Party.

We are open. We welcome active engagement in all aspects and at all levels of the county Party, and will provide information and access that make it easier to become involved.

We will join the progressive movements across the state that are capitalizing on newly energized voters.

2. We will communicate with our constituents:

County Chair or Vice Chair will attend Ward meetings to listen and respond to constituents; address issues impacting people in the Wards; articulate these issues to the State party; and implement actions needed. Additionally, we will:

– improve notification for Ward and County meetings;

– develop an easier to use DPSF Website;

– send regular email updates and newsletters with meaningful news and information;

– develop a Facebook page with frequent posts;

– establish regular office hours for Officers to be available to meet with Party members;

– publish and update Officers’ and Ward Chairs’ contact information.

3. We are committed to transparency and professionalism:

We pledge transparency, accessibility, accountability, and professionalism in County Party elections and actions at all levels. We will:

– elect and support Ward Officers and County Central Committee members who will hold meetings to hear from their constituents; and provide the tools that enable them to do so;

– offer trainings to Ward Leaders and Officers to develop and maximize leadership skills;

– publish announcements of Executive Board and Committee meetings, and publish minutes of these meetings.

4. We will keep New Mexico BLUE!

DPSF Officers will attend local meetings and will represent the issues and interests of the Party and our Democratic constituents – City Council, County Commission, Legislature, Central Labor Council.

Officers and the Santa Fe County Democratic Party will be visible at community functions.

We will increase opportunities for Voter Registration in all areas of the county throughout the year.

We will increase opportunities to raise money to fund DPSF programs. We will work with DPNM to raise funds to help the DPSF thrive.

We will develop and implement programs, including a vibrant volunteer network and Get Out The Vote effort, with focus on supporting candidates at every level and on winning local and state races: from US President to Congress; from NM Governor, State Senators and Representatives to local School Boards.