Katharine Clark currently serves as the Vice President of the Young Democrats of New Mexico, Treasurer of the Santa Fe Democratic Party, and Vice-Chair of Ward 2C. She is dedicated to ensuring that the Party listens and responds to the concerns of millennials and young families: affordable housing, school debt, education, and the health of our environment. Katharine has particular interest in ethical decision-making and political/persuasive speech.


As a student and organizer at the University of California-Berkeley Office of External Affairs, Kat led actions to change student housing policies that had a disparate impact upon lower-income students, and registered thousands of students who elected a student to the local city council so that the students’ voice would be heard. Katherine also served on the Berkeley Police Review Board.

Katharine’s analytical, IT, design, and networking skills as a marketing professional are also her strengths as a political consultant. She has consulted and campaigned for New Mexico democratic candidates, and is a valued member of our Santa Fe Democratic Party/Leaders Who Listen team.

CONTACT KATHARINE:  KatharineClark@gmail.com

Kat and Mike Archuleta, candidate for Vice-Chair.