COUNTY LEADERSHIP | ELECTION PROCESS OVERVIEW:  YOUR VOICE in the decisions and direction of your Democratic Party starts here!

WARDS [a regional grouping of precincts, comprised of your neighbors who are registered Democrats] elect a Ward chair and vice-chair, as well as Ward delegates, to the DPSF [Democratic Party of Santa Fe] County Central Committee [CCC] . The Ward officers and delegates are elected at Ward meetings, open to all registered Democrats, which are conducted in February.

These local grassroots county Democratic leaders, along with other members of the DPSF CCC [including all elected Democratic city, county, and state officials who reside in Santa Fe County] vote for the leadership [Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer] of the Santa Fe County Democratic Party at the DPSF County Convention, which is conducted in March. DPSF delegates to the State Central Committee of the NM Democratic Party [DPNM] are also elected at the County Convention.

The DPNM Convention is held in April. Your DPSF officials, Ward  Chairs, and elected State Central Committee [SCC] delegates all have a vote in the leadership, direction, and decisions of the State Democratic Party.

YOU can have a voice in your Democratic party leadership! Participate in your Ward meeting/election. Consider running for a Ward position or CCC delegate. Consider the experience and activism, the commitment, values, and vision, of candidates for the County Democratic Party. It’s YOUR party – choose leaders who will guide the party in the direction you believe in. Choose LEADERS WHO LISTEN!

For more information and to find your Ward, click HERE.

Find the calendar of Ward elections HERE or check our EVENTS page.