• ATTEND STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETINGS. The first is Saturday April 29th 2017 in Albuquerque. At this meeting SCC elects our next Democratic Party of New Mexico state leadership.
  • SCC IS A TWO-YEAR COMMITMENT. There are a minimum of 2 State Central Committee meetings per year, held in various locations throughout the state. ***SCC members are responsible for all travel, hotel, and meal expenses for these meetings – expenses are NOT reimbursed.***
  • STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE is the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. SCC is responsible for general supervision and control of the political affairs of DPNM. Members of the SCC also serve as automatic delegates to all State Conventions.
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT of DPNM is expected of SCC members.
  • ACTIVELY SUPPORT ENDORSED DEMOCRATS who are running for elected office at all levels.


  • SUPPORT your DPNM and DPSFC leadership.
  • PARTICIPATE actively in County meetings and Ward meeting, including outside your own Ward.
  • Be a source for INFORMATION. Inform fellow Dems about DPNM issues and actions, abut elections and candidates.
  • Be a source for FEEDBACK. Reflect the input of Santa Fe Dems at SCC meetings, DPNM committee meetings, debate on resolutions, and through your vote.
  • ADVOCATE for resolutions and rule changes that will make our Party more inclusive, transparent, and fair.
  • IDENTIFY Democrats interested in running for elected positions.
  • SUPPORT and CAMPAIGN for candidates endorsed by the County and State Party – help GET OUT THE VOTE!
  • Be VISIBLE! Participating in community events and civic efforts helps build credibility and trust. You will become the face of the Democratic Party to your neighbors.
  • Be RESPONSIVE! If you promise to get information to a constituent, please follow through. Your integrity will reflect positively on the Democratic Party.
4-1. Powers and Authority. 
A. General. The State Central Committee is the supreme governing body of the DPNM when regularly convened in the absence of a convention in session. It shall have general supervision and control of the political affairs of the party. Members of the State Central Committee shall serve as automatic delegates to all State Conventions, in addition to those state delegates duly elected at the County Conventions, unless prohibited by the rules of the Democratic Party of the United States.
B. Financing. The policy of the DPNM is that its business shall be financed primarily by contributions from each of its individual members as their means allow. The State Central Committee has the responsibility of fulfilling that policy by maintaining a systematic program for soliciting and collecting such contributions. It shall have the authority for appropriation of state party funds.
C. Assessments. The State Central Committee shall have the authority to levy dues or assessments upon the various recognized party organizations on an equitable basis proportional to the representation such organizations have on the State Central Committee.
4-2. Members. The State Central Committee shall be composed of the following:
A. The Chairperson and First Vice-Chairperson of each county.
B. If the average of the number of votes in a county for the nominees for Governor and President in the most recent election for each office exceeds 2500 then additional members shall be added to the State Central Committee for that county.
C. Such other members appointed by the State Chairperson only as necessary to allow unrepresented Congressional Districts within a county to have one State Central Committee member, and then to achieve equal numbers of men and women, within a variance of not more than one, immediately following the initial election of members of the State Central Committee by the respective County Central Committees.
D. National Committeeman and Committeewoman, the State Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons, Secretary and Treasurer.
E. Two members from each of the New Mexico Senate and House of Representatives who shall be selected by the Democratic caucus from each legislative body.
F. Two members selected by and from the New Mexico Young Democrats affiliated organization.
G. Two members selected by and from the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women.
H. Two members selected by and from the Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico affiliated organization.
I. All statewide elected Democratic officials and United States Representatives.
J. Two members selected by and from the Democratic Labor Caucus of New Mexico.
4-3. Meetings and Calls. The State Central Committee shall meet at least twice each year. A spring mandatory SCC meeting shall be held between March the first (1)and May 31 inclusive. A fall mandatory SCC meeting shall be held during the month of September or October … A quorum shall consist of twenty-five percent (25%) of the members of the Committee with the additional requirement of at least one representative from a majority of the counties. The Chairperson shall have the authority to levy an assessment equal for all members to defray the cost of the meeting.
4-4. Business and Budget. The State Central Committee shall transact business only at meetings conducted pursuant to a call. At each of the two annual meetings, the Chairperson and the Treasurer shall present a financial report and proposed budget for the Committee’s consideration.
4-5. Proxy. Except as otherwise provided, proxy voting is permitted. A proxy shall be in writing, signed by the person giving the proxy and filed with the State Secretary. A proxy shall be valid only when voted by a registered Democrat of the same county as the person giving the proxy.
4-6. Voting. Voting on issues and in elections shall be non-secret.